Dating rogers dynasonic snare

Re: dating rogers holiday kit and dyna-sonic snare i must say, using a tone control knob to replace a missing snare tension screw on the snare frame is innovative it looks right at home there. Terrific rogers chrome over brass, deep shell dynasonic one of the best snare drums from the 1960's, this rogers dynasonic is the hard to find 6 1/2 deep shell model and is completely original and in very good condition. Dating a rogers dyna-sonic snare discussion in 'vintage venue' started by topshelfgerd, nov 30, 2014.

From until , rogers shells were 5-ply construction of alternating plies of maple and birch wood with reinforcement rings it was founded in and originally based in covington, ohio in addition to its dyna-sonic snare drum, rogers was renowned for its highly-innovative hardware. Every vintage snare drum we offer is expertly inspected and graded view snare drum pictures of our high quality vintage ludwig snare drums, vintage slingerland snare drums, vintage rogers snare drums, vintage gretsch snare drums, vintage leedy snare drums and more. Rogers dynasonic dating guide 15 year old dating 20 year old yahoo answers rogers dynasonic dating guide rogers snare drum catalog pages and the what happens when your best friend starts dating most complete rogers history all on one vintage drum web site. The ploughman mentioned that we need a rogers thread, and i agree.

Rogers catalog snare drum pages from the rogers drum company there is another section for all of the earlier rogers snare drums and history the rogers section is much more detailed and an excellent source for early rogers history. Rogers superten snare drums first produced in 1972, first appearing in the 1973 catalogue, the superten was presented as a chrome over steel shell, sporting ten beavertail double ended lugs, standard rogers ten lug hoops, rogers swivomatic throw off and butt, a coated ambassador top with an ambassador snare side, available in 5x14 and 65x14 sizes. I recently picked up a rogers big r dyna-sonic snare at an estate sale it's in really great shape, but i've got a few questions concerning the drum: 1 the big r badge on the drum is different from those i've seen on other big r' dyna-sonics.

Before dyna-sonic, you tightened the snares, and the snares choked the head dyna-sonic changes all that because your snares ride on an exclusive floating snare frame they ride with the snare head, never dampen it there’s no choking there’s never and snare slap. Vintage rogers dynasonic, 1976-78 late 1970s original snare drum learn more view as grid list 3 items show per page sort by set descending direction my wish list last added items add to cart add to cart remove this item go to wish list you have no items in your wish list newsletter join our mailing list to get all the latest. Dating change on the gromet in the badge from chrome to copper steve maxwell vintage drums - (rogers 5x14 wood dynasonic snare drum - 2/19/15) make sure you have roger's permission spotlight should have it's own column, although the number produced was very small if you have any rogers questions the drum forum is the place to answer them. The rogers dynasonic, as shown in the attached 1967 rogers catalog, is made with a chrome plated, solid brass shell the snares are attached to a floating snare frame which keeps the snares from choking the bottom head making these drums more resonant than other drums from the period.

With roots dating back to 1849, rogers emerged as one of the leading american drum makers in the 1950s and '60s one of rogers' most noteworthy product lines was the dyna-sonic snare, introduced as a centerpiece snare drum in the early '60s. I am quite keen to get a rogers snare (like a dynasonic), but i really like to know as much as i can before spending the money so what is the difference between the big r and the script logos on these cheers rogers difference between the big r and the script logos. The rogers dyna-sonic snare drum: the legend returns rogers usa announces the rebirth of one of the brand's most coveted creations - the dyna-sonic, wood shell 10-lug snare drum, finished in classic white marine pearl. Sold vintage venue: dating rogers dating timelines this page has only been making drums release date guitarist, such as 1847 rogers drum dating guide history questions here you to date guitarist, velocity, drummer, singer we need a rogers dynasonic snare drums in the time tu check out everything you to copper re: dating site, public. After having so much fun with my project ludwig snare drum, i decided i needed another project are you familiar with the rogers dyna-sonic snare drum if not, you should be they were once called “the cadillac of snare drums,” and they featured some of the most unique innovations and i just bought one off of some stonerdude down in kyle, texas.

Dating rogers dynasonic snare

The dynasonic with its precision (0004”deep, in other words ridiculously shallow, almost non existent) snare bed and cradle mounted wires parallel to the head would answer his demands rogers 1962 catalogue. It represents the vintage rogers dyna-sonic models now offered for sale this is a “rotating stock” item availability and prices vary for items in this group. Excellent condition 1970's rogers chrome over brass dynasonic snare drum55 x 14an originalsuper cleanfirst year big r with big r and script badge[two logos]5 lineincludes foam-lined skb snare michael john staley shared his post. Dating rogers snare drums 01-aug-2017 05:36 christian dating no age barriers the first rogers drums were assembled from shells and hardware of other manufacturers, but mounted with rogers heads this is because of how the dynasonic wires mount to the frame.

  • Rogers drum dating list initial release rev 00 on 1/20/98 (dynasonic only) – published in “the rogers book” by rob cook 5/13/99 initial release rev 10 on 7/14/99 (for all other models) – published in rebeats, issue #19, fall 1999 by rob cook.
  • There is a special article on the tuning and set-up of the rogers dynasonic snare drum and a complete history of early rogers farmingdale drums.
  • Dynasonic snare wire frames, pictures are bottom to top and right to left bottom and right hand: version 1 first generation production model used on the first 1000 dynasonic snare drums.

Tuning your rogers dyna-sonic snare drum fig 1 b c on off strainer a fig 2 fig 4 d fig 3 fig 5 continued on the other side 1 use even tensioning: loosen all tension screws (using half turns at a time) in a sequence pattern (fig 1) until all tension on the head is relieved. Dating rogers drums serial numbers the history of rogers drums - the vintage drum guide shows you rogers finishes, rogers drum badges, rogers drum set catalog pages, rogers snare drum catalog pages and the most complete rogers history all on one vintage drum web site. The new dyna-sonic snare frame is that same exclusive floating snare frame design made of cast steel, the frame comes complete with snare wire mounted the single tension screw located at the end of the frame, gives one-point uniformed tensioning with simple hand adjustment.

Dating rogers dynasonic snare
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